Festival stage hire Bristol

Following on from our order of both an L and XXL stage. Bristol based Big Stage Hire was invited to take a tour of the Stagemobil factory in Germany.

It was clear from the outset why Stagemobil are the industry leader in rapid deploying festival stages. The key to the speed in deployment is the time spent in the factory. Over 99% of components are built in house meaning they have complete control over quality and standards. The phrase ‘that will do’ simply does not translate to German.

Our time spent at the factory took us around all the stages of production. All the stages are built ground up from custom made chassis to custom bespoke lifting systems. First stop was the welding stations, All of the stages they manufacture have jigs meaning there are zero tolerances from one stage to the next. All welding is performed to the highest standard to meet and surpass TUV and CE standards.

We then took a look at the stage deck department. All Stagemobil stages feature a very specialist multi ply deck with fiberglass resin coatings. Once all the decks are fixed together on the bed of the stage all joins are resin sealed ensuring that moisture and weather cannot penetrate and seep into the stage deck

From there we looked at final assembly. In the final inspection area Tom found this L stage (pictured above) receiving a final check over before collection.

The team that manage the factory where great hosts and showed us local delicacies as well as sharing their knowledge and passion for the products supporting festivals and events across the world. Now safely back in Bristol booking stages in for summer 2022 festivals. We would like to thank swindon based Trailer Stage Services for great customer service and organising our trip to the Stagemobil factory.

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